Withdrawl of NCT Bed Nest

bednestThe NCT has today issued a statement for parents using their “bed nest” product, and has withdrawn the bed nest from sale indefinitely following the very sad news of a young baby girl aged seven weeks who died whilst asleep in the bed nest as detailed in this article.

As an Antenatal Teacher, I always think it is important to put headlines into perspective, in order to help parents who may be using, or considering using the Bednest product, to understand the full story so that they can make a decision about how they would like to proceed with Bednest use.

I am featuring below, a response to an email  (out there in the public domain)  which a parent received directly from Bednest when asking whether the product is still safe to use. If you are using the product, please ensure you are following the product instructions and safe sleeping guidelines.

“Hello ***** – our thoughts are also with the family. This refers to a second-hand crib that was acquired and used without the instruction manual. Furthermore the baby was placed in the prone position (on their tummy) and not on their back – the latter is recommended in the latest expert safe sleep advice. The baby was left for 90 minutes in this position with the side panel left open. We have supplied the Bednest to over 25,000 parents and it has passed all the latest UK and US safe sleep standards and tests for cribs and beside sleepers. We caution every parent to use the Bednest (and any baby product) having read the instructions and our crib has a large label stating this. Please rest assured the Bednest is a safe product. Simply follow the instructions supplied. Don’t leave baby unattended with the side open and don’t tilt it more by more 5cm – measured head end end over the foot end. I hope this explains the details behind the very sad headline.”

A further statement from the NCT has suggested that used ***according to the instructions***, there is no evidence the Bednest has a fault or is unsafe.

If you are concerned, please contact Bednest directly . You can also find guidelines about how to put your baby to bed safely on the Lullaby Trust website.

You can also contact the NCT Enquiries team on 0300 330 0700 or email enquiries@nct.org.uk

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