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“Is this Normal?” – Pregnancy, Birth & Postnatal Skype Information Service for Pregnant Women and New Parents.

pregnant womanFrom the moment that you see that blue line on the stick and discover you are pregnant, you may have a multitude of questions buzzing around your head, or you may want information to start planning for your new arrival as soon as possible, but not know where to go to get it.

Sometimes you might not see their midwife for quite a few weeks after you find out they are pregnant, and so you may want the opportunity to talk through your pregnancy and birthing options with someone. You perhaps want to know which hospital is most likely to be able to offer the kind of birth you want, what equipment is essential before the baby is born, or how you can get the baby into a good position for the birth.

You could also have one of those “is this normal” questions related to your experience, which is too minor to perhaps be able to secure an appointment for, and which google is turning up all sorts of concerning results for.

As a new parent you may be unsure about how to ensure you are all getting enough sleep, how to get out of the house effectively, what is normal in the first few weeks of parenting, or you might be looking for signposting for a particular concern.

As I have supported parents over recent years, I have realised that there is a need for an information service which is accessible to women and their partners from the very start of pregnancy, all the way through their journey to approaching the labour and birth, and afterwards during their first six months as parents.

Therefore, I have now introduced a Skype or Facetime Consultation Service, where women and their partner’s can Contact Me for a Consultation.

Skype Consultations provide an opportunity to ask the questions you may have about pregnancy, labour, birth and early parenting, and receive support and information to help you through your journey. For many clients who have been using the service, those “is this normal?” concerns or “where can I find?” questions have been quickly cleared up through a quick chat with me, and some relevant signposting. I have also been able to chat to parents about their choices approaching procedures such as Induction, or VBAC. Parents often appreciate a non-medical point of view to ensure that they are exploring all of the options to help them make an informed choice about their options or their care.

After Skype Consultations, I typically send a follow-up email with information on the topics we have discussed.

I offer either a fifteen minute, thirty minute, or one hour Skype appointment payable via Paypal.

15 Minutes – £20

30 minutes – £40

60 minutes – £80

Please Contact Me to set up an Appointment. 

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Disclaimer:  As an Antenatal Practitioner, I am able to provide information and support on different aspects of pregnancy, labour, birth and early parenting. However, this service is not a substitute for medical advice from a Healthcare Professional. If your concern is of a medical nature, please feel free to contact me,  but please be aware that I will always refer women back to a healthcare professional when appropriate.