New Ebook – Preparing for Labour, Birth and Early Parenting

An exciting announcement today as our new Ebook,  Preparing for Labour, Birth and Early Parenting: A Brief Guide is now available from Amazon. This Ebook, which features information to help prepare for labour and birth, and tips from new parents for the early weeks, is a must-have for preparing for the arrival of a new baby.

Content includes: 

How to choose your place of birth, Information about how labour progresses, Breathing, Positions, Relaxation and Massage for Labour, How to Tailor the Birth Environment,
Practicalities for Labour. You will also find Tips from New Parents for new parents and where to find support as a new parent.”

You can purchase our new Ebook by clicking on the link above or our photo below. More info is available from our dedicated Ebook page.

ebook cover HBP 2015 2

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