Herts Birth Prep Testimonials – A New Testimonial!

clients best advertIt’s been a busy start to the year and I have enjoyed meeting clients in NCT Antenatal Classes and also clients who have booked a birth preparation session with me individually.

I always enjoy meeting people in their own homes and helping them to prepare for their imminent births and it’s always lovely to hear that people feel a private one-to-one antenatal session has been worthwhile.

Today I just wanted to celebrate Herts Birth Prep Testimonials and share a testimonial I was sent recently from a couple who are expecting their baby soon and booked a private antenatal session:

“It was lovely to meet you too! My partner and I found it really useful to just understand how things might all pan out as & when our little boy decides to make an appearance. Thanks for the emergency info – it’s definitely worth having a possible backup plan should things happen quicker than we expect! The handouts are great as well. I’ve absolutely no problem recommending you to anyone else that may want private classes”

If you would like to find out more about booking a private antenatal session, or booking some support for labour and birth, please do feel free to contact me

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