Last Minute Birth Partner Service

lastminEven though you may have decided on your birth partner(s) back at the start of your pregnancy, sometimes, it might be that people are not always in the right place when the baby chooses to make an appearance.

Life sometimes gets in the way and you may find that perhaps your partner has to take a last minute business trip around the time your baby is due, or is stuck at work when you go into labour. Perhaps, if you are not expecting your first baby and you have other children at home, you may need a back-up birthing partner on hand in case your partner has to stay with your children.

If you suddenly find yourself stuck for a Birthing Partner – I am able to come and be with you during labour and birth for as long as you need me. To enquire, please Contact Me for more information.

NB РAlthough I am able to offer this service, it is dependent upon my own work and family schedule.  Please Contact Me for availability.