Doula Services

Doula Services

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I decided to train as a Doula/Birth Companion after hearing stories from new parents in my classes about how they often went through several midwives or NHS staff during their birth experience, and they just wanted a constant person there, who knew them, and who could offer them practical and emotional support. They wanted someone who would know the whole of their “story” or “journey”.

A Doula does just that, and much more too. A Doula/Birth Companion is someone who provides support to women and their partner’s during labour.  This can take the form of practical, or emotional support. Sometimes during labour, women want an experienced, qualified, non-medical person who has given birth before, to be there to support the woman and her birth supporter, to provide information and support to help during the labour process.

That’s where my Doula Services come in.

Research has shown that for women who have continuous support from a Doula:

The likelihood of a Caesarean Birth decreases by 50%

The need for medicalised pain relief is decreased

An average first-time labour is two hours shorter

There is increased confidence for the partner

There is increased success with breastfeeding

Women feel more satisfied with their birth experience

Through my Doula Services, I hope to allay parents’ fears by offering the reassurance of someone who has been through birth before, is a qualified Antenatal Practitioner and Doula, and has spent many hours observing birth in my local units. As a Doula, I act as a non-clinical practitioner. My role is not a role which replaces Midwives, but which works alongside them to offer continuous one-to-one emotional and practical support before, during and after the birthing process.

I am dedicated to supporting women in all of their birth choices, acting as an advocate for the woman and her birth partner, ensuring that their wishes are paramount. I am able to support you through any kind of birth that you choose – whether it’s at Home, in a Birth Centre, on a Consultant Led Unit, or in the Operating Theatre. I am also aware that birth does not always go to plan, and so when sometimes choices may need to be made which differ from your original preferences, I work closely to balance expectations and help reasons for those choices to be understood.

As a birth partner myself, I am acutely aware of the needs of the birth partner during labour, and I strive to ensure that they are involved in the birthing process and that their experience is the best one possible. I can make suggestions, get everyone involved in, and be a reassuring presence for the woman and her partner.

doula servicesWhilst I work with women who may already have a birth partner, I am also able to act as the main Birth Partner for those who do not.

I have been fortunate to undertake one of the longest, most comprehensive University-accredited Doula Training courses in the UK, accredited by the University of Worcester, National Childbirth Trust, and Doula UK. I hold a University Certificate of Higher Education in Applied Sciences: NCT Birth Companion.

I conduct my Doula Services under the banner of an “NCT Doula” and so hold a License to Practice, and relevant insurances and documentation with the National Childbirth Trust. I also have a current CRB check.

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