NCT Antenatal Classes

NCT Antenatal Classes



Clare teaches Signature and Essentials NCT Antenatal Classes for first time parents in West Hertfordshire and beyond. Additionally, Clare also teaches NCT Antenatal Refresher Classes to parents expecting a second or subsequent baby.

The NCT now offers two types of Antenatal Courses for first time parents: NCT Signature and NCT Essentials.

NCT Signature Courses offer a personalised and flexible course designed around your own information needs. The courses exist in various formats and length of hours. The classes give women and their partners time to focus on the birth of their baby through discussion and active participation.

They provide a unique blend of evidence based information, and confidence building practical and hands-on content. Small group work will provide in-depth discussions on topics pertinent to expectant parents. The courses give clients an opportunity to develop friendships with other local parents in a relaxed socvial environment.

NCT Essentials Courses provide a strutured course covering six essential themes. They provide support to parents and give information on how to manage pregnancy, labour and birth through confidence building and practical hands-on content. Courses aim to give attendees a basic understanding of how to prepare for life with a new baby. There is also an opportunity to meet other local expectant parents in a relaxed and social environment.

If you are unsure about which course to choose, please click here for a comparison of NCT Signature and NCT Essentials Courses.

NCT Refresher Courses are aimed at parents expecting their second or subsequent baby who may or may not have attended antenatal classes before.

Refresher courses typically consist of women-only and couples sessions. The course gives attendees an opportunity to debrief and make sense of past birth experiences, in order to look towards their birth to come. It also provides an opportunity to fill the knowledge gaps they may have forgotten since their last baby. Classes are bespoke and address themes which course attendees request.

If you are unable to secure a place on a refresher course, please feel free to get in touch to discuss private refresher session one-to-one options.

Click Here to view current NCT Courses being offered in the local St Albans branch.

NCT Antenatal Classes