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About Clare Rudd

About Clare Rudd – Antenatal Teacher & Doula

Hi, my name is Clare Rudd, and I live in West Hertfordshire. I have two girls and gave birth to them in the local area. Following the birth of my second child, I decided to train as an Antenatal Teacher and Doula to help others in their journey towards becoming a parent.

I trained as an Antenatal Teacher & Doula with the National Childbirth Trust. I hold a Diploma of Higher Education in Antenatal Education from the University of Bedfordshire, and a Certificate of Higher Education in Applied Sciences: Birth Companion from the University of Worcester. I also regularly undertake CPD and update days to keep my skills and knowledge up to date.

I facilitate Signature and Essentials NCT Antenatal Classes, NCT Refresher Classes and Private Antenatal Classes in West Herts and the surrounding areas. I also work as an NCT Doula, offering support to women and their partners before, during and after birth.

I am a long-standing NCT Branch Volunteer, having undertaken several roles supporting services for new parents. I provide input into local Maternity Services via attending my local Maternity Services Liaison Committee, Labour Ward Forum, and other similar groups.

In addition to my Work for the NCT, I also work with the Midwifery Programme at my local University as a service-user. This unique opportunity means that I have been able to forge excellent links with health professionals working within local birthing environments. This has enabled me to keep up to date with changes in local policy and practice, ensuring that I am able to offer correct evidence-based information and a quality service.

When I’m not talking to people about giving birth or parenting, I also offer PR & Marketing Services, Blog about Parenting and Vegetarian Food, enjoy spending time with my children, family and friends, and volunteer at my children’s school.